Got Stuck? No Worries When Ajak Towing Is By Your Side! 

The last thing one would ever want is to get stuck in between anywhere and nowhere. Car troubles can strike anywhere, and without road service, you are getting nowhere. It might be challenging for you to deal with the situation. However, with our experts, you can relax as they deal with the situation and assist you in overcoming the problem with comfort. 

Stay Safe With Our Fast And Reliable Roadside Assistance

When you find yourself on the side of the road, you might be unsure how to get your car back on the road. Ajak Towing offers fast and reliable roadside service whether you need a tow, jump start, help with a flat tire, or lock-out assistance. Let’s read about various emergency road services in Georgia our experts offer. 

How We Can Help You

Light Duty Towing Services

Our light-duty towing services in Georgia are typically provided for vehicles that weigh up to 10,000 pounds. It includes most cars, SUVs, and light trucks. Our light-duty tow trucks are equipped with a hydraulic lift system to lift the vehicle's front or rear end off the ground and tow it away.

Towing Service

While we recognize that certain individuals possess sufficient knowledge to perform minor car repairs, there are instances where even the most basic fixes may not be effective. If you are in this situation, we recommend contacting our service to arrange a wrecker service to the nearest qualified mechanic who can address the issue effectively.

Medium Duty Service

Medium-duty towing services are typically provided for vehicles weighing 10,001 and 26,000 pounds. It includes larger vehicles such as delivery trucks, small buses, and RVs. Our tow trucks are equipped with a stronger hydraulic lift system, can tow heavier vehicles, and provide reliable vehicle towing service.


If your car does not start, we will test your battery and attempt to jump-start your vehicle. If your battery fails, we can replace it with a new one, on the spot, at a competitive price.


It is not uncommon to accidentally lock yourself out of their vehicle. In the event of such an occurrence, you can rely on our dependable roadside service to assist you promptly and ensure you can get back on the road without any delay.

Fuel Delivery

If you find yourself stranded out of town due to an empty gas tank, our service can provide sufficient fuel to reach the nearest gas station. Please be advised that if you require diesel fuel, you must specify your fueling needs during your initial contact with our service.

Standard Vehicle Tire Changes

Our technician will install your spare tire if you have a flat tire. If the spare is unavailable or deemed unsafe, we suggest towing your vehicle to a reliable tire repair or replacement facility.

Local & Long Distance Towing

Local and long-distance towing involves moving vehicles over short distances within a local area or much longer distances across cities or states. Our tow truck service employs specialized trucks and equipment to ensure vehicles' safe and efficient transportation to their intended destination, regardless of the distance involved.

We have over 15 years of combined experiences

What Makes Us Apart From Others? 

We have assembled one of the best teams of experienced and knowledgeable technicians. We also have the most up-to-date modern vehicles and equipment to solve your problems properly. With over 30 years of combined experience, our experts are trained to provide any type of emergency road service. Moreover, we do not limit our services to just moving your vehicle. We want to be able to help you out in whatever way we can, as quickly as we can, to get you back on the road.

No More Worrying About Car Breakdown! 

Car breakdown between anywhere and nowhere can be challenging and might become a headache. That’s why you need to get in contact with our expert vehicle towing service in Georgia. Our experts are keen to help you out with all their skills and abilities. Visit our website to know about our services.


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